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If you are interested in joining the Stand True Team,  please email the completed form to and one of our volunteer coordinators will contact you directly within 7-10 days.  

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Volunteer Form


Name: ________________________________________ D.O.B. ________ Date: ___________

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Release Information

Stand True Mission Statement and Expectations for Service Volunteers 

Every volunteer with Stand True furthers the purpose of "Standing up and Building up" those who serve in law enforcement / first responder; which is a reflection of our mission statement.  

Before signing up to be a Stand True volunteer, please read these items carefully, and indicate your acceptance and agreement with their provisions by signing at the bottom.

Mission Statement

Stand True is a volunteer based 501 (c) (3) community based organization that’s mission is to show support for law enforcement and first responders through a positive unifying visual presence within the community.

We accomplish this by being a neutral party that supports ‘Standing Up’ and ‘Building Up’ our men and women in uniform through various acts of service. 

Stand True stands on core values and the principles and behavior that reflect those values.

Expectations for All Volunteers

As a volunteer with Stand True:

• I acknowledge that I support law enforcement and all first responders.

• I understand that Stand True represents a positive neutral presence within the community.

• I agree that the purpose of my volunteer status with Stand True is to further the positive purpose and that I am prepared to assist in accomplishing that purpose.

• I understand that I must exhibit conduct that is consistent with Stand True’s expectations of keeping a positive and neutral perspective in support of all law enforcement and first responders.

• I understand that Stand True has the right and the responsibility to ensure that its mission statement is carried out with the highest standards and is not harmed or impeded by conduct that is inconsistent with the mission.

• I understand that any of my conduct which is not in keeping with the mission of Stand True will result in the termination of my volunteer status.

*Please note anyone that has direct contact with any law enforcement or first responders  (Liaisons, Events), Stand True will require a background check to ensure the safety of all parties. The cost of the background check is $10 and will be covered by the applicant. Please mail application and background check fee to Stand True PO Box 45353 Rio Rancho, NM 87174-5353.

By signing below, I agree that all the information that I provided in this application is correct, and hereby agree that by signing this statement I am in acceptance and agreement with Stand True’s Mission Statement and Expectations for Volunteers and will comply.

Volunteer Release

I understand that Stand True is volunteer based group, in which I am a volunteer and will not receive any type of payment for my services. I also understand that I am responsible for my own insurance, and assume all risks associated with performing volunteer duties and I hold Stand True harmless from all claims, liability and other damages arising from my volunteering.

Understanding that Stand True will be in the media spotlight from time to time, I hereby give my consent to have any photographs or videos that include me to be used in the promotion of Stand True. 

Accepted and agreed to by:

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What areas are you interested in serving in?

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Branch Support Interest:

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Other information that you would like us to know about you:


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