• “Thank you for all the support over the last few years! It has been a tough go for all LEOs and it is awesome to have the support of organizations such Stand True 4 Blue.”  

  • “Stand True 4 Blue is an absolutely incredible organization that is made up of such amazing, selfless individuals who donate their time and resources to our first responders. Seeing firsthand the joy and surprise that comes across our officers’ faces when a Stand True member drops off morale-building goodies and treats is overwhelmingly uplifting!"  

  • "Our society tends to turn away from the good our officers do, so when they are recognized in simple ways, such as receiving some yummy treats or a motivational email, the kind gesture goes such a long way! In addition to receiving such amazing goodies, I always look forward to seeing your smiling faces when you come to the substations. It truly brightens my day!"

  • "It is amazing to see the rallying of support and such dedication on Stand True’s end, knowing that you all receive nothing in return except the officers’ heartfelt thanks for the long hours you put in to make their days special."

  • "We sincerely thank you and your organization for ALL that you do! We wouldn’t be who we are without you.” 

  • “ It is nice to check my email before work and read words of encouragement that remind us that what we see on the news and social media, is small in comparison to the majority of society that still support us and encourage us to keep fighting the good fight. Thank you.” 

  • “Stand True for Blue is always very positive for us and they let us know that there are people out there who care in regards to what we do. We love hearing from them every Thursday and its always a pleasure seeing them when they come to our substation.”

  • “The job of a law enforcement officer is filled with emotional ups and downs.  As officers we deal with people on the worst day of their life, either because they are going to jail or because someone has hurt them or a family member.  As our city faces more crime, the finger pointing has increased.  Most days it rolls off your back like water on a duck, but when you’ve had a difficult day or week, the criticism seems to strike closer to the heart.  It is in those times that just a little encouragement, a little happiness goes a long way.  Stand True 4 Blue provides that vital dose of happiness to the officers in our community.  My favorite is the blue ties they placed around the substations – I smile every time I see them.  We also get weekly messages of encouragement, the occasional “goodie” bag.  These small gestures mean a ton to the men and women out protecting this community.”

  • “Stand True 4 Blue has helped our department, with its positive and uplifting weekly e-mails, donations and recognition for the hard work that the dispatchers do. Because dispatchers are often overlooked, it is very much appreciated to be recognized by this wonderful agency. Having the weekly reminders that what our dispatchers do matters to the citizens, the agencies we work with and our communities really does make a difference and is a little positivity when we’ve had a long day or handled a hard call.  

  • "Thank you for everything you do for us and other public safety agencies! Your agency truly is a shining light to our department.”

  • “I wanted to extend my appreciation and heartfelt thank you to the wonderful people behind "Stand true 4 blue". I retired from my Department at the end of 2006 as a Captain. At that time, we had 1,100 officers. We now have approximately 850. This agency, like so many across this country, have been struggling to recruit and retrain officers. Morale has become a salient issue in the last few years as officers have had to endure negative media coverage as well as microscopic scrutiny of everything they say and do. Men and woman are leaving this profession in droves as the prevalent feeling is that "people don't care". Stand True 4 blue, reminds members of this Department that there are caring people who "have our back". The organization sends out inspirational messages every week, and does so many caring things for officers, that we know that what we do is recognized and appreciated. This means more to us than we can express. Stand True 4 Blue gives officers the proverbial "shot in the arm" that is so needed right now!”

  • “As a new deputy, I find the emails and drawings and the treats from Stand True to be such a kind gesture. I very much like this new career path, and when I first met you and saw all that you do for Law enforcement in our community I was blown away with your kindness." 

  • "I find these small/kind gestures to be so much more because of the meaning behind them. The support you show us helps us in our day to day activities, and I don’t think one shift goes by where I don’t think of Stand True and the support you all show us. I very much appreciate it and what you do gives me fuel for my shift and to stay positive throughout the day.”