Stand True 4 Blue was founded in October 2015 after the tragic deaths of Rio Rancho Police Officer Gregg Benner and Albuquerque Police Officer Daniel Webster.

Watching Officer Benner and Officer Webster, as well as many others, lay down their lives to protect and serve their respected communities, a group of appreciative individuals knew it was time to stand up and do something to show support.

With the rising national focus being on the negative aspects of officers and understanding that the national news media was only highlighting less than 1% of law enforcement, Stand True 4 Blue decided to focus on the other 99%; the positive side.

Our mission is “To show support for law enforcement, and all first responders, through a positive visual and unifying presence within the community.”

Our vision is to ‘Stand Up’ and Build Up’ our men and women in uniform through positive visual displays, letters of encouragement, ‘Thankful Thursday” deliveries and emails, as well as through other programs and events within the community that show support for them.

Our goal is to make sure that every officer and first responder know that they matter and are valued by the majority of individuals within the community. Through Stand True 4 Blue support and events, we aim to unite the community in appreciating all law enforcement and first responders.